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Discover how CADIS is paving the way for sustainable growth

Sustainability in business is becoming a standard that must be met by all. At CADIS, we’re taking a lead in meeting this new expectation by implementing sustainable practices to ensure growth for the future.

Our efforts include increasing awareness about the importance of

  • reducing paper consumption,
  • using a natural cooling system with groundwater supply,
  • separating waste throughout the office, and
  • reducing electricity consumption with LED lighting.
  • We also promote digital media over paper journals and
  • use virtual mobile devices to save resources.

We also rely on AWS for file storage, and it’s comforting to know that they have made significant commitments to sustainability, including a goal to reach 100% renewable energy usage for its global infrastructure.

Our software cadis also supports sustainability by focusing on route optimization and reducing the distance traveled by shunting vehicles.

Are you ready to take action and make a difference in creating a sustainable future? Join us in our efforts and implement sustainable practices in your own business. Let’s work together to reduce our environmental impact and make a positive change.

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