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Ad-hoc Abholauftrag

Ein Abholauftrag, der auf das Fahrzeug disponiert wird, während das Fahrzeug bereits auf Tour ist.


cadisCONTROL is the cadis software which is installed on the customer’s PCs. Related terms The cadis software can be divided into three components: cadisSERVER is the cadis software running on the server. cadisCONTROL is the cadis software running on the PC’s. cadisMOBILE is the cadis software that runs on the mobile devices.


A Bordero is a list for groupage consignments containing details of the consignee, consignor, goods descriptions, etc. as well as information on the handling of the consignment until delivery and is thus one of the accompanying documents. The Bordero also contains special information about the individual consignments, e.g. cash on delivery or fixed …

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