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Transportation logistics gets a boost with CADIS Product Consultants

Unlocking the potential of the transport industry

Product Consultants at CADIS are the game-changers in the transportation logistics industry. They are the gatekeepers of technical and industry know-how, playing a vital role in the successful implementation of our 𝗰𝗮𝗱𝗶𝘀® transport management software.

The power of product consultants

With in-depth market and product knowledge, these specialists understand the needs of our customers and analyze market requirements. They map these needs to the product’s functionalities, leading to optimized processes and streamlined operations. Whether supporting sales with technical presentations or driving process change, our Product Consultants are always working behind the scenes to ensure our customers’ success.

Education and training at the core

Our Product Consultants are also responsible for educating and training sales, order fulfillment, development, and service teams on the product’s functionalities and the business processes it supports. They conduct internal product training and keep everyone informed, maintaining demo scenarios that showcase the product’s capabilities.

Collaborative problem-solving

By serving as the main enablers of information exchange, our Product Consultants bring customers, product managers, solution engineers, and development teams together to find the best solutions for their transportation needs. With their industry and process knowledge, they provide valuable support during solution design and document customer requirements in a way that is easily accessible to the entire organization.

Empowering our customers

With the power to access customer-facing and internal resources, our Product Consultants can quickly assess and clarify customer needs and requirements. Reporting to the team lead consultancy and communication in product management, they ensure seamless collaboration and communication within our organization.

In conclusion, our Product Consultants are the unsung heroes of the transportation logistics industry. Their expertise and dedication help our customers achieve their transportation goals.

Maximize your transportation logistics with CADIS. Our product consultants bring technical know-how to optimize your process. Contact us today to book a consultation.

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