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cadis® TMS has been a trusted part of the logistics sector for over 20 years under the brand of KRATZER AUTOMATION, a global provider of logistics industry software. The cadis® operational TMS optimizes the planning, execution and analysis of all operative work processes for freight transport, allowing customers to become faster, more efficient, and commercially more successful. In February 2022, it was announced that Valsoft Corporation had acquired cadis® TMS software from KRATZER AUTOMATION, who were looking to refocus away from logistics automation. Under Valsoft’s operating group Aspire Software, a new entity: CADIS GmbH was established, whose purpose is to invest and develop the cadis® software suite.

Valsoft are excited to provide a permanent home for CADIS GmbH, securing a long-term vision and strategy for the cadis® product lines through investment and growth opportunities. “We are incredibly proud to enter Germany through our acquisition of CADIS,” explained Joseph Khoubbieh, Head of M&A at Valsoft. “More importantly, we are excited to partner with the talented team there and continue to serve our customers with the same care and passion that they are used to. CADIS’ reputation in the marketplace is exceptional and we want to make sure we continue the expansion for decades to come.”

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For over twenty years, the cadis® TMS system has been offering transportation companies and logistic service providers added value through the automation of workflows with the cadis® logistics software suite.

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