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Creating a vision for the future

The Product Management Team at CADIS

As a Product Manager at CADIS, our top priority is creating the most value for both our customers and our company today and for many years to come. This means balancing different goals and finding that sweet spot.

The Product Manager is responsible for the “what” of the product, while the Product Owner handles the “how”. Both roles have a fluid interaction.

We’re in charge of developing a vision for the product’s future and making sure we’re meeting both long-term development goals and current customer needs.

We work closely with our team, especially our Product Owners and Sales, to make sure our product strategy is on point.

Our other responsibilities include market and customer research, competitive analysis, supporting key accounts, and evaluating the economic feasibility of product investments.

We’re also heavily involved in the product’s architecture and technical roadmap as well as the sales roadmap of the product.

It takes experience, dedication, and hard work to improve and evolve our products and services continuously, but the rewards are well worth it: a successful product and happy customers.

We would like to thank Franz Renger, Head of Product Management at CADIS, for giving us some insights into their work. His leadership and guidance have been invaluable in ensuring that our team is able to navigate the complex challenges of product management successfully. His dedication and commitment to excellence have been a major driving force behind our team’s success.

If you’re interested in learning more about how CADIS approaches product management and how we’re working to create value for our customers and company, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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