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Ensuring seamless software operations: Service Management at CADIS

The Vital Role of Service Management

Service Managers at CADIS occupy a critical position in maintaining the seamless functioning of software at customer sites. Their job encompasses a broad range of duties, from monitoring operations and diagnosing technical issues to communicating with clients and collaborating with development teams.

Proactive Monitoring and Problem-Solving

One key aspect of their role is ensuring the efficient operation of the cadis® transport management software. They utilize tools such as Info servlets to keep a watchful eye on both proactive and reactive monitoring, playing a crucial role in preventing any disruption to the software’s performance. Service Managers must be knowledgeable about the software and its features, enabling them to quickly identify and resolve problems.

Building Strong Relationships with Customers

Another critical responsibility of Service Managers is building strong relationships with customers. They serve as the initial interface between clients and other teams and must possess top-notch communication skills to effectively manage customer expectations and resolve any issues that arise.

Shared Duties with Project Management and Service Desk

At CADIS, Service Managers often share certain duties with Project Management, like handling change requests. They also work closely with development teams, analyzing errors and determining their causes.

The Service Managers differentiate themselves from the Service Desk by their proactive approach to customer satisfaction. Service Managers strive to care for the customer psychologically, proactively addressing any concerns and ensuring their clients are satisfied. In contrast, the Service Desk operates in a more passive manner, waiting for calls from customers.

Proactive Customer Satisfaction

In conclusion, Service Managers at CADIS GmbH occupy a challenging but critical role. Their duties encompass a broad range of tasks, from monitoring software performance to building relationships with customers. Their expertise and responsiveness are essential for ensuring the efficient functioning of the software and customer satisfaction.

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