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How cadis® supports dispatch

At CADIS we understand that the customer is king. And in order for you to meet your high quality standards, cadis® TMS software will ensure you adhere to delivery time windows while maintaining low transport costs. To support you further, we can help with complex deliveries: perhaps some stops require keys or pin codes to access doors, or maybe the recipient of sensitive goods need to authenticate themselves by secure codes.

Often delivery planning must be changed at short notice as customer orders are received just before the departure of the vehicle. As difficult as these requirements are, the optimization algorithms of cadis® generate resilient route plans which can be changed even while loading is already in progress.

Where cadis® will help drivers on the road

With the intuitive cadis® APP, drivers are supported when processing their tours. At each tour stop, drivers can receive all the information they need via the app. The consignee can confirm receipt of the consignment and the exchange of the load carriers with a digital signature. Any damage is documented on site using the photo function and can be viewed in the shipment history.

When vehicles are on tour, vehicle locations and stop completion status are displayed on a digital map. Up-to-date traffic information enables a more accurate forecast of further stop ETAs and enables proactive intervention in the event of expected delays or to inform the customer early.

Can’t find a feature you are looking for?

Please contact us! Even if we can’t find a solution in our portfolio we are working closely with industry leading partners. We will be happy to join forces with our partners to find the perfect solution for you.

Using cadis® when loading at the depot

When loading their vehicles at the depot, the cadis® APP will help drivers speed up the process. With cadis® all individual articles can be scanned individually or be combined into one shipment unit per consignee. The cadis® Master Pallet feature saves a lot of time during delivery, as only one barcode scan is required for each consignee.

What’s more, the loading equipment such as pallets, gitter boxes, foldable large containers (FLC), etc. also recorded. If these have their own ID, they are recorded individually and can be tracked from then on.

Using cadis® to record value added services

In the B2C sector, customers might require additional special services as part of their delivery. Whether the job is to carry a washing machine to the third floor, to set up water and electricity connections or take away an old sofa for disposal, cadis® can enable on-site recording of any value added services including minute-by-minute entry of the time taken or materials used.

How cadis® can help with package information

While only the number of packages and weight is important for freight forwarders, additional information about the transported goods is required by those in trade and industry. Therefore cadis® also displays detailed information about the item number, goods description, packaging type etc for all relevant processes. The Infoscan function of the cadis® TMS software instantly provides answers to questions about Goods in transit on your mobile device with just one barcode scan.

Use cadis® for Yard Management

The cadis® Yard Manager digitizes movements of trailers and swap bodies on the yard of transshipment warehouses. Low gate occupancy times and unprecedented visibility can be achieved through the real-time control of transfer and shunting vehicles. The clear display of all yard processes increases process quality and reduces the risk of loading errors.

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