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How cadis® helps when dispatching parcels

Small shipments – from internet trading to pharmacy delivery – can be picked up and delivered by vans with many stops. In order to be able to process all shipments on the same day, sophisticated route planning with additional stop information is necessary. cadis® automatically calculates optimal journeys using a multitude of parameters and helps you achieve your daily target.

How cadis® helps with yard management

Parcels shipped over long distances are transported by long-distance vehicles and swap bodies via several depots. The cadis® Yard Manager digitizes all movements of trailers and swap bodies on the logistics yard. Low gate occupancy times and unprecedented visibility can be achieved through the real-time control of transfer and shunting vehicles. The clear display of all yard processes increases process quality and reduces the risk of loading errors.

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Use cadis® for express dispatch

They say “time is money” and this is especially true for express shipments. Fixed delivery dates must be met at all costs and the consignee usually wants an individual notification before delivery. Fortunately, cadis® can provide accurate ETA calculations and systemic support for recipient notification. While on the road, drivers are supported throughout their journey with the intuitive cadis® APP. At each stop, drivers will automatically receive all the information they need, including any special handling instructions. The exact time of arrival at the recipient is transmitted as is important documentation for express shipments. The consignee can confirm receipt of the consignment with a digital signature. Any damage is documented on site using the photo function and can be viewed in the shipment history.

cadis® Master Pallet for grouping shipments

If parcels are sent over long distances, several depots are involved. To avoid having to scan all packages individually for each logistics process, cadis® can use its Master Pallet function to group them on the depot or consignee level. When the last depot is reached the master pallet can be ungrouped. In case of a master pallet that is consolidated for a consignee, it can even be used all the way to the delivery, thus saving a lot of time and increasing productivity.

Where cadis® can help with package information

In a cross dock or any logistics area workers are regularly confronted with recurring questions about packages and shipments. Questions like “What exactly is this? And why is it here? Where does it belong? Are there handling instructions?” come up regularly during the loading and unloading process as well as while walking the floor of a logistics platform. The Infoscan function of the cadis® TMS software instantly provides answers these questions on your mobile device with just one barcode scan.

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