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Mobile Workflows – automation and individualization are not contradictory

Are you tired of struggling to handle special cases in your last-mile deliveries? Look no further than the transport management software cadis®. With its powerful rules engine, it allows for easy definition and management of workflows for even the most unique delivery situations.

Take for example the scenario of a delivery driver arriving at a location before the consignee. With cadis®, the driver will receive automated instructions e.g. to place the goods in front of the front door and take a photo.

Another situation that can be handled seamlessly by cadis® is the need for in-person document delivery with an identity check. The driver’s mobile device will provide the necessary information, allowing for a smooth and secure delivery process.

See for yourself! The dispatcher can easily maintain and adjust these special case workflows without needing to have a background in software development. This means that every special case can become the new normal with clear, customer-specific instructions for drivers.

Are you facing unique challenges in your last-mile deliveries? Let us know and see how cadis® can help improve your operations and customer satisfaction.

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