Cross-Module Features

cadis® TMS software contains invaluable cross-module features that work in sync across our product range. All of these additional features will help ensure smooth-running shipments and peace of mind.

I now have all my yard movements and activities under control” testimonial photo

“I now have all my yard movements and activities under control”

I now have all my yard movements and activities under control” testimonial photo

“I now have all my yard movements and activities under control”

– Daniel L. (Yard dispatcher)
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cadis® Master Pallet

Speed up processes without loss of quality with cadis® Master Pallet. Scanning package and shipment barcodes is one of the most frequent operational logistics activities. The associated time expenditure becomes disproportionate if the package scan has to be repeated at every logistical transfer point. With cadis® Master Pallet, shipments and packages are physically and digitally combined into shipment units. This enables simple and efficient data and process-handling at every point across the transport chain. A single scan is enough to apply the system’s technical support for loading and unloading for all associated packages.

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The Benefits of cadis® Master Pallet

Cadis Software Data Integration Service

cadis® Infoscan

If you are regularly confronted with questions about packages and shipments when they reach the transshipment or in logistics areas in general, then cadis® Infoscan is going to be your invaluable friend. With Infoscan installed on your mobile, terminal or computer, every scan of a package’s barcode will provide all the additional information you might need. cadis® Infoscan will give you answers as to what the package is, where it has come from, where it belongs, what the handling instructions are etc.

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The Benefits of cadis® Infoscan

cadis® Temperature Monitoring

Temperature-sensitive goods require continuous monitoring and documentation.

While larger consignments of goods are transported by one vehicle on a direct route, it can also be the case that smaller consignments pass through several transhipment centres, like hubs and cross-docks, often involving multiple vehicles. In order to be able to document the temperature during the entire transport chain, the data from a considerable number of temperature sensors must be evaluated.

The cadis® Temperature Monitoring feature automates temperature documentation process, thus stopping a manual and time consuming task. As a result, you will be able to provide customers with their temperature reports quickly, in an easy-to-digest format with no gaps or errors.
Intelligent algorithms automatically compile all relevant data from vehicles and logistics centers and generate the temperature curve over the entire transport process. With cadis® Temperature Monitoring you can see not only the temperature but also the number of packages in the controlled unit.

The benefits of cadis® Temperature Monitoring

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For over twenty years, the cadis® TMS system has been offering transportation companies and logistic service providers added value through the automation of workflows with the cadis® logistics software suite.

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