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The Mobile Device Services of CADIS GmbH are value-added services that support and secure the use of your mobile devices. Our service consists of mobile device management and repair service.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Essential components of successful mobile device management are:
Cadis Software Mobile Device Services

With the CADIS MDM we are able to access your mobile devices remotely, no matter what operating system they use or the device type itself. This means adding your mobiles to our Mobile Device Management environment can bring an enormous reduction in your workload, as we monitor and manage them during operation.

Repair service

Our technical experts handle professional repair processing directly with the manufacturer and monitor the repair processes. Our repair service includes:
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The Benefits of CADIS Mobile Device services

Your employees always have fully operational mobile devices.

Whether loading or unloading their vehicles at the depot or delivering or collecting shipments and packages: Your MDE devices must be ready for use at any time and in any temperature and weather. With our professional monitoring of the devices, irregularities are detected early and device failure can be proactively prevented.

Always up-to-date

Professional software distribution ensures that all devices or specific device groups are automatically supplied with the appropriate updates like navigation map, security patches, drivers, etc. via remote maintenance.

Risk minimization

We also offer processing of lost mobile devices. We immediately block the SIM card and send a loaner device or new device with suitable accessories on request.

Order spare parts, accessories and new equipment whenever you want.

Around the clock, seven days a week, in English, German and French via our webshop. Once you have logged in, you will only be shown the items that match your device pool. This saves time and avoids incorrect orders.

Express replacement as an optional service

If a fault is reported by 13:00 (CET), a ready-to-use, pre-configured replacement device loaded with the latest software package will be shipped or ready for collection within the same day.

80% of our customers use our mobile device services.

Contact us to discover why.

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