Key visual for web news on successful rollout of cadis Yard Manager at Geis Nuremberg

Successful rollout of cadis® Yard Manager at Geis in Nuremberg.

Satisfied faces of the project manager Martina Fink as well as of all involved employees could be seen at the rollout of our yard solution in May.

Thanks to the best preparation of all participants, the cadis® Yard Management System was already in live operation after 2-3 days at the largest Geis Gruppe site in Nuremberg. Shunting drivers as well as control center staff are enthusiastic and love the benefits of the new system!

We managed to eliminate many time-consuming data entries, excel sheets, and coordination tasks. Also, communication via company radio, which is unpopular with shunting drivers, is no longer necessary. The transfer operations of the 4 shunting vehicles at 162 gates now take place in record time. They still cause some positive surprise. Together with the Geis team in Nuremberg, we are pleased about the success of the cadis® introduction!

If you are interested in how cadis® can support your logistics processes, get in touch with our experts!

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