Infographic results of Last Mile poll

Poll Results: A deep dive into industry priorities via our latest Last Mile poll

Our recent survey on transport logistics has unveiled a glimpse into the vital sensitivities and concerns of industry players for the last mile.

The results paint a picture of what matters most to companies in the space, shedding light on priorities and trends.

Adherence of time windows

High Transport Costs

Driver Shortage

Transparency of processes

Adherence to time windows received with 40% a relatively high rating, reflecting the significance of customer satisfaction and the impact of penalties or refunds from late delivery.

Transparency of processes was also rated highly with equally 40%, revealing a strong interest in improving logistics processes and removing any bottlenecks.

The comparatively low rating of high transport costs and driver shortage (10% each) suggests that companies have found ways to overcome these challenges. Local transport, in particular, seems to be less affected by these issues.

cadis® TMS supports transport logistics companies in achieving their priorities. Our platform, equipped with features such as vehicle tracking, and real-time exchange of information with drivers, boosts the transparency of local transport processes, helping ensure adherence to time windows.

Our cadis® delivery tracking software will help you strategically optimize your routes and will track and check vehicles, so that deliveries are made at the highest quality at the most efficient cost. Our powerful delivery route planner manages your routes and deliveries with automated tools and real-time journey and vehicle tracking, available on any device, anywhere at any time.

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