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Efficient shipment handling

Do you have a large number of packages to transport to several consignees and want to simplify the following processes?

Until the goods arrive at the consignee, they have to pass through many logistics stations.

At each logistics station, the goods are usally scanned at package level. With many packages, this means a time effort.


With the feature “Master Pallet”, we at CADIS have implemented a solution to significantly reduce the number of scans.

We achieve this through software-based grouping of packages into shipment units according to consignee or receiving depot.

Especially our forwarding customers with general cargo are enthusiastic about this feature, as usually many handling centers are passed through.

In total, a lot of time and money is saved, as each individual handling center benefits from the simplified handling.


But our feature is also interesting for many other industries. For example, wholesale and retail trade and pharmaceuticals (grouping of medicine boxes), which also transport many packages.

How is it in your business?

Surely the feature can be used profitably for you as well. Let’s talk about it!

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