Key visual for web news about successful rollout of cadis PUD at Elektro Braun

Successful rollout of cadis® PUD at Elektro Braun

Elektro Braun is the leading medium-sized electrical wholesale company in the Rhine-Main area. Founded in 1938, the company now employs over 100 people at five locations and, as a member of the MITEGRO Group, provides customers with electrical engineering products and services on a daily basis.

After a three-month proof of concept, the final rollout of the cadis® Pickup and delivery module started on June 29, 2022.

With our software, Elektro Braun has already started to determine the optimal stop sequence of the distribution tours. In interaction with the cadisAPP for drivers, the company enjoys unprecedented transparency about the operational processes of the last mile.

We would like to thank Elektro Braun for the excellent cooperation so far. We are pleased that we can optimally support the company with our Transport Management System during the daily logistical challenges.

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