Key visual for web news: Handheld PDA vs. Smartphone

Which device type is the right for my business? – Well, it depends!

There are for sure ways to find out which device type is the right one for supporting my team in their daily work.
Some questions might help you to find out:

Do we need to scan many shipment barcodes?

If yes, it might be faster for the terminal worker and the driver to use the integrated scan engine of a handheld PDA for scanning, instead of the smartphone camera.

If not, smartphones might be sufficient.

Did we have a lot of damaged devices in the past?

If yes, it is worth it to look for ruggedized device, or even for a heavy case to protect the device when it falls down.

If not, Smartphone might be sufficient.

Do you want to avoid to exchange the hardware every two years?

If yes, then you definitely go for a handheld PDA. The smartphones did not last that long in a daily operation with GPS tracking, scanning and many charging cycles.

If no, go for smartphones.

Transportation services and subcontractors

If you plan transportation services and you are working with subcontractors with external drivers, you need to support BYOD anyway.

That’s why we offer with our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution a PlayStore App, which helps our customers to run cadis in a mixed device fleet.

We are offering ruggedized devices for all budgets and purposes from suppliers like Honeywell, Zebra Technologies and M3Mobile.

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