liste de colisage / bordereau

A liste de colisage / bordereau is a list for groupage consignments containing details of the consignee, consignor, goods descriptions, etc. as well as information on the handling of the consignment until delivery and is thus one of the accompanying documents. The liste de colisage / bordereau also contains special information about the individual consignments, e.g. cash on delivery or fixed dates. Instructions to the receiving forwarder on how to proceed with the consignments (cash on delivery, carriage forward, etc.) It also serves as a document of evidence. The liste de colisage / bordereau can also take on other tasks: it can serve as a affectation/affrètement document for the exploitant; it can record the calculation of charges for carriage forward consignments; it can serve as a basis for the return invoice of the receiving forwarder; it can serve as a booking document.


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